About Us

Vorentoe started off as Rossmore Junior Hoërskool, on 17 January 1938. The idea of a junior high school was new to South Africa; the format taken from the USA.

Originally only a main building was built. Some classes did not even have desks and learners had to sit on the floor. The influx of learners from other schools was so great, however, that some learners had to be sent back to their original schools.

The road – Brooklands Avenue, now Akademieweg – was directly in front of the school.  The noise of all the vehicles passing by so closely made teaching difficult.  The terrain was steep and rocky – totally unsuitable for organized sport.  Gradually, by dumping, the site was levelled until top soil could be transported in. Then the school boys themselves planted the kikuyu grass. Now sport fields could be developed.  These were, however, disowned a number of times, until the school and RAU made an exchange of grounds, to leave the fields we have today.

On 16 January 1951, the school became an official high school. With new optimism, the learner count rose to 600. New classes had to be produced fast. The new school badge was also designed at this time.  The first matrics of the high school wrote their exams in 1953.

The name, Hoërskool Vorentoe was adopted after being suggested by the vice-principal, Mr C A van der Walt.  It used to be the motto of the Cottesloe School, and so it was that within a few years the school had both a new name and motto.

School badge

The school badge, as it still is today, was designed by a Mr Pistorius.

The open book symbolizes the knowledge achieved through study. The sides of the book point towards the horizon, creating a road towards a mining tower. The latter symbolizes the riches to be earned by hard work. Above the mine, like a rising sun, is half a mining cog, symbolizing power.  In short, the badge means that knowledge leads to power and riches.  The outline of the cog and open book form a keyhole – so that the school also represents the ”…key to happiness and success to all its learners.“

The school anthem, which was already sung by Rossmore Junior School, was composed and written by Mrs Betswick and Mr Pistorius, both teachers at the school at that time. In 2005 the school anthem was translated into English by the then HOD of English, Mr S Reyneke.

In 1994, the school changed from a Model C school into a parallel-medium school, and became Hoërskool Vorentoe High School.

Our Principals

Mr J Cilliers                           1938 – 1948

Dr TA du Plessis                  1949 – 1968

Mr P J Erasmus                    1968 – 1975

Mr JP Botha                          1975 – 1985

Mr EL Nilsen                         1985 – 1987

Mr LC Viljoen                        1987 – 2004

Mr HW Saestad                    2005 – present.

The Bus Tragedy

This account of the history of the school would be incomplete without the mention of the tragedy that occurred on 27 March 1985.  On that fateful afternoon a bus full of learners landed in the Westdene dam.  Within minutes 42 learners of the school had drowned. The school and community, families and friends were all severely affected by this tragedy. It will forevermore be part of our history, and will not pass from our minds.


Over many years this school and community have been given over in prayer into God’s hands. And His care is noticeable. Vorentoe has been blessed with many teachers and principals to whom religion has importance and meaning. Learners are taught to become valued members of society.  Over the years Vorentoe has developed a name to be reckoned with – on sport, academic and cultural terrain.  Learners are given the chance to discover and develop talents and abilities, in order to realize their purpose in life.

The challenges and changes of our present society are met head-on, and we are proud to say that Vorentoe has become part of the proud new tradition that represents the new South Africa.