Mission and Vision

The Vision and Mission of Vorentoe High School


Serving the learning community to provide quality education, guidance, a safe learning environment and to install a culture of learning.


· To satisfy the learning needs of the learners of the community, to provide a balanced development of all academic, sporting, cultural and religious believes of all learners and educators at Vorentoe High School.

· To assist, support and guide any parent and learner with special needs to ensure improvement pertaining to the need and development of the learner.

· To self develop teachers to enable teaching staff to educate in a continuous and changing education field.

· To enable educators all opportunities to keep abreast of all the latest developments in education and learning areas.

· To create opportunities for learners and parents and educators to experience the education and working environments.

· To supply technological teaching tools to enable learners to develop into technological informed citizens.

· To instil a sense of pride in the image of Vorentoe High School.

· To provide adequate and modern resources for educators and learners in their goals to provide and attain knowledge.


· To seek and develop quality educators.

· To provide educators with opportunities to develop skills to be mentors and leaders in their communities.


· The mission of Vorentoe High School is to improve the pass rate to not less than 95% with at least 40% of the candidates progressing to higher institutes of learning.


· To encourage they will follow an entrepreneurial career, thus becoming an employer.


· To educate learners to enable themselves to follow an entrepreneurial career.