School Badge

The school badge, as it still is today, was designed by a Mr Pistorius.

The open book symbolizes the knowledge achieved through study. The sides of the book point towards the horizon, creating a road towards a mining tower. The latter symbolizes the riches to be earned by hard work. Above the mine, like a rising sun, is half a mining cog, symbolizing power. In short, the badge means that knowledge leads to power and riches. The outline of the cog and open book form a keyhole – so that the school also represents the “… key to happiness and success to all its learners”.

The school anthem, which was already sung by Rossmore Junior School, was composed and written by Mrs Betswick and Mr Pistorius, both teachers at the school at that time. In 2005 the school anthem was translated into English by the then HOD of English, Mr S Reyneke. In 1994, the school changed from a Model C school into a parallel-medium school, and became Hoƫrskool Vorentoe High School.