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Vorentoe Chess players make all the right moves!

October 24, 2011 5:51 am
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On 22October 2011 6 of our junior chess players attended the Provincial Chess Championship in Pretoria.  The team consisted of the following learners:

  1. Mark Govender
  2. Moses Habimana
  3. Rethabile Seknonyane
  4. Gundo Vhulahani
  5. Siphamandla Mtshali
  6. Mahlatse Mokgawa


The team made us very proud by each winning a gold medal and qualifying for the National Chess Championship.  We would like to congratulate our junior Chess team and wish them the best of luck for the upcoming National Tournament.  We know that you will consider all possibilities and make the right move once again.

Vories Musical ROCK!!!!!!!!

October 6, 2011 7:06 pm
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Around the World in two hours


On 28 September Vorentoe High School presented the musical “Around the World in two hours”.  This was by far the best musical that Vorentoe has had in the past 10 years.  The screenplay, actors, props and directors were amazing and it was a memorizing experience for the audience.  It is astonishing to see the incredible talent that Vories have and the dedication that Vories show in everything that they do.  Well done to team MUSICAL.

You guys ROCK

Go visit our Facebook site to see some photo’s of the musical.     

Blood drive at Vorentoe on 26 August 2011

September 2, 2011 5:38 am
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This was a very successful donation in the sense that we only started at 9:00 and stopped at 12:30.

In total 50 units of blood were donated from Grade 10 and 11 learners. The staff of SANBS was very helpful and created a calm environment for the learners to donate blood.

OEPS! We did it again!

August 28, 2011 9:17 pm
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On 26 August 2011 our cross country athletes competed in the Noordvaal cross country final held in Potchefstroom.  There were 29 high schools who qualified for the competition.  For our girl’s team it was a golden opportunity to take some revenge on our bitter rivals Monument who won this competition in 2010.  Another concerning fact was that our girls team was denied a victory in the qualifying event 2 weeks prior to the final by the determined Kempton Park girls team.  Our boy’s team had a huge red target on their backs due to the fact that they have won this competition for the past 11 years and every single team had one goal and one goal alone and that was to beat Vorentoe.  The stage was set for an exciting event.


For those who don’t know, here is a quick lesson in the points scoring system used in cross country.  In contradiction to many other sports codes, in cross country the team with the least amount of points win.  The boys and girls teams consist out of a junior and senior division.  You are allowed a maximum of 6 athletes and not less than 4 in each division.  The first 4 athletes per school that finishes the race are awarded points.  The athletes are awarded the same amount of points, according to the position that they finish in, for example if your athletes come in at position 1, 8, 9, 19, 25 and 30, you will have 37 points.  They then add the total of your junior team with the total of your senior team to calculate the overall boy’s and girl’s winners.

The teams:

Junior girls:

Innocent Marandela

Thandi Sehohle

Florentina Langa

Boingotlo Babedi

Jeannette Bokadie

Junior boys:

Khanyili Khonco

Bheki Thsabalala

Ikageng Goarekwe

Thabang Thebeagae

Mafika Cunukela

Derrick Mokaleng

Senior girls:

Nashipi Nobhangaye

Sanah Kgosi

Murendwa Davhana

Zanele Sikalala

Moroesi Mohapi

Dimpho Mokheti

Senior boys: 

Morena Mokoena

Alfred Mphuthi

Siswe Boqashi

Thabang Matiwane

Lindo Maseko

Felix Mapfungautsi


Vorentoe blasted away the competition and was crowned the 2012 boy’s and girl’s Noordvaal winners. 

Take a look at these outstanding results:


1.  Vorentoe 48 points

2.  Monument 96 points

3.  Prestige College 125 points


1.  Vorentoe 72 points

2.  Monument 127 points

3.  Prestige College 138 points  


Although Cross Country is a team event there were also some individual performances that is worth mentioning. 

Murendwa Davhana won the senior girls race.

Siswe Boqashi got a silver medal in the senior boy’s race.

Alfred Mputhi got a bronze medal in the senior boy’s race.

Ikageng Goarekwe got a silver medal in the junior boy’s race. 


Congratulations to Vorentoe’s girl’s team who have won this competition for the 10th time in 12 years.  Boy’s you are the greatest for winning this competition for the 12th time in a row. 


None of this would be possible without the hard work, dedication and inspirational leadership by the coaches.  Congratulations to Mr Saestad our principle, who tirelessly train, motivate and encourage the athletes to perform to the best of their abilities.  Mr Saestad you ROCK.  Also congratulations to Mr Maruping who is Mr Saestad’s right hand man for all the hard work that he put in throughout the season.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Van Pletsen

August 22, 2011 5:52 am
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It is with great joy that we announce the recent marriage of Mr Stefan Van Pletsen and Mrs Heleen Alberts.  The marriage ceremony was held at Velverde Country Hotel in Muldersdrift on Saturday 20 August.  We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

The 2014 – 2015 RCL have been announced.

August 8, 2011 10:42 am
posted by admin

Hoërskool Vorentoe High School

RCL 2014/2015


Sarah Stengel, Keith Dodgen

Vice Presidents

Tasneem Davids, Lindiwe Dhlodhlo,

Thamsanqa Khonco & Derrick Mokaleng.

Girls                                                      Boys

Selindile Gaba                                   Gundo Vhulahani

Palesa Hlahatsi                                 Keenan Irusan

Logan Kubie                                       Junior Ramohlonami

Zimasa Mali                                       Fisokuhle Sibisi

Kefilwe Mogogana                           Siphe Sitemele

Limpho Mokoena                             Sufiyan Suriyah

Virginia Moloi                           

Jamie-Lee Nelson              

Jade Phillips

Tazlynn Richardson

Karishma Sirbadhoo

Siyasanga Sishuba        

Exam Time Table Grade 8-12 May – June 2011

June 2, 2011 9:08 am
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Please see the Exam Time Table below. You can click on it to make it bigger.

Annual Golf Day

8:52 am
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The Vorentoe 2011 golf day was a huge success with over 30 four balls overcoming the cold conditions and entering the day.  Thanks to all the sponsors and participants who once again made this day possible.  We look forward to seeing you all and some new friends next year.

Examination and Tests – Third Term

8:51 am
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Grade 10 and 11 examination

The learners of grade 10 and 11 will be examined on the 14 July and 15 July respectively as far as paper 3 is concerned.

The learners must be aware that the examination will be scheduled from 08:00 till the end of the school day. The examination will take place in E7 and T1.

Parents’ Morning

A parents’ morning to hand out report cards for the June assessment will take place on Saturday 17 July from 08:00 – 10:00.

Only the parents / guardians can collect the report cards.

There are still report cards that have not been collected from the parents morning of Saturday 17 April 2010. Please parents, it is your responsibility to collect the report cards.

Test Series

The test series for the third term will start on 21 July and will end on 19 August 2010.



The exams of the school will start officially on Monday 30 May 2011 for Grade 10 – 12 learners.

1.1 Regulations during the exam time.

Grade 8 learners

Learners must report to school at 07:10 if they are writing a subject. If learners do not write on a specific day, they may stay at home.

The sessions will start at 07:30 until 09:30.

1.2 Arrangements: Gr 8 – 9

These learners will follow the normal school timetable from the 30 May – 3 June. They will be allocated to different venues.

The exam for Grade 8 -9 will start officially on Monday 6 June 2011.

Grade 10 – 12 learners

Learners must also report 07:10 if they are writing a subject on that particular day. The exam session lasts until the end of the time allocated of the paper. Learners must please study their exam timetable meticulously. No apologies will be accepted for late comers or those who have misinterpreted their exam timetable.

1.2.1Saturday Exam Sessions

Please be informed that on Saturday 4 June 2011 AND 11 June 2011 there will be examination sessions for gr 10-12.

1.3 School wear

During exams learners must wear the prescribed school uniforms. Learners will not be allowed to write exams if they are not correctly dressed and if they do not obey the code of conduct (pages 5 – 9 in homework dairy). No cell phones,”walkman”/ ipods, playing cards or any kind of game will be allowed. These items will be confiscated.

Even if learners are not writing any exams and they are visiting the school, they must be dressed in full school uniform.

1.4 Absence during the exam

If learners are absent during the exams, they must present a valid doctor’s certificate, the first day back at school, or else they will receive no marks for that particular paper.

1.5 Preparation

Any exam is an opportunity for the learners to prove themselves and to get acceptable marks. Will you as parents please see to it that your children prepare themselves for the coming exams. Please keep them at home to study.

1.6 Dishonesty

At Vorentoe we want learners to earn what they work for; therefore, no dishonesty will be tolerated. We would like to wish all the Vories the best of luck for the coming exams.

1.7 Rules for the examination

Learners have to report at 07:00 (for the early session) and for the later session an hour before the paper starts.

1. Please take note of the starting time for midday and afternoon sessions.

The learners must be on time at the venues because there are arrangements to be made before the session starts.

2. No learner will be allowed with a cell phone, books or any electronic device in the exam venues.

3. If you are in an exam venue you have to remain silent. No learners will be allowed to make remarks, noises or talk in the venue before the end of the paper. This kind of behaviour will be seen as an irregularity and the learner will be penalised accordingly. Stay in the classroom until the end of the session.

4. Learners must be properly dressed in full school uniform (Winter).

5. If a learner is absent and cannot write on a specific day, he/ she has to submit a doctor’s certificate.

6. No arrangements will be allowed to start earlier with exam papers.

7. Learners must be on time and late- comers will be penalised by not being allowed extra time.

8. Learners have received an exam time table and they must be aware of the dates, venues and starting times.

9. No learner will be allowed to rewrite any missed paper at a later stage.

Sport for 2011 – Second Term

8:47 am
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a. Rugby

On 20 April we had a sport day at Vorentoe. We invited Bracken High for an afternoon of rugby, netball and hockey.

The final score for our rugby teams were:

U/15 Vorentoe 12 Bracken 25

U/16 Vorentoe 14 Bracken 12

1St Vorentoe 3 Bracken 41


b. Soccer

Our under 15 and under 17 soccer teams played three matches during the second term.

They started the term with the Coca Cola competition against JSS.

The final scores was as follows:

Under 17: Vorentoe 1 JSS 3


The League Games followed against St. Barnabas and Riverlea Secondary.

Final scores was as follows:

Under 17: Vorentoe 2 St. Barnabas 1

Under 15: Vorentoe 3 St. Barnabas 1

Under 17: Vorentoe 1 Riverlea Secondary 2

Under 15: Vorentoe 0 Riverlea Secondary 2


c. Netball

The following netball teams won their matches:

2 March:against Die Burger

U/14 A Vorentoe 7 Burger 5

U/15 A Vorentoe 9 Burger 7

U/15 B Vorentoe 18 Burger 2

U/16 A Vorentoe 7 Burger 3

U/19 Vorentoe 12 Burger 9


14 April: against Parktown Girls

U/15 B Vorentoe 9 Parktown 7


19 April: against Randpark High

U/16 A Vorentoe 17 Parktown 3

U/16 B Vorentoe 8 Parktown 2


20 April: against Bracken High

U/15 A Vorentoe 11 Bracken 7

U/15 B Vorentoe 17 Bracken 9

U/16 A Vorentoe 9 Bracken 4

U/16 B Vorentoe 12 Bracken 9


12 May: against King David Victory Park

U/15 B Vorentoe 24 Victory Park 0


17 May: against Kings School

U/14 A Vorentoe 8 Kings School 2

U/17 Vorentoe 11 Kings School 5


d. Hockey

Our hockey teams started the term against Bracken.

The final score:

Seniors: Vorentoe 2 Bracken 2

Juniors: Vorentoe 2 Bracken 0

They had a match on 12 May against Greenside High.

The final scores:

1st Team: Vorentoe 1 Greenside 1

U/14: Vorentoe 3 Greenside 0


On 17 May Roosevelt High competed against our fist and u/14 teams.

1st Team: Vorentoe 0 Roosevelt 0

U/14: Vorentoe 3 Roosevelt 0


e. Volleyball

The volleyball started against Bophelo and then played three more matches this term. They won most of the matches.

Matches won:

Vorentoe (Boys) 2 St Barnabas 0

Vorentoe (Girls) 2 St Barnabas 1

Vorentoe (Boys) 2 Riverlea 0

Vorentoe (Girls) 2 Riverlea 0


f. Chess

The chess team had two matches this term.

Their first match was against Trinity High School.

The final score was:

Vorentoe 6 Trinity 10


Their second match was against Northcliff High School.

The final score was a tie.

Vorentoe 8 Northcliff 8