Debate – SACEE

On Saturday, 8 March our debate learners participated in the SACEE. The venue was Wits University.

The two junior teams competed in their first competition. Notwithstanding their inexperience, they each managed to win the second round on Saturday. The third round was a closed round.

On Sunday, 9 March one team competed in the SACEE competition at Greenside High. There were two rounds and they narrowly lost both debates: the first to St Peters and the second to St Stithian Boys.

Ms Henning accompanied the juniors on both days

Debate – GDL

On Sunday, 22 February our senior debate learners participated in the GDL. The venue was Wits.

Round 1:

PACE             170                             Vorentoe High          233     (Won).

Round 2:

Midrand         181                             Vorentoe High          255     (Won).

Round 3:

Vorentoe took part in a blind round against Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. No scores were announced during the blind round.