Sport for 2011 – Second Term

June 2, 2011 8:47 am
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a. Rugby

On 20 April we had a sport day at Vorentoe. We invited Bracken High for an afternoon of rugby, netball and hockey.

The final score for our rugby teams were:

U/15 Vorentoe 12 Bracken 25

U/16 Vorentoe 14 Bracken 12

1St Vorentoe 3 Bracken 41


b. Soccer

Our under 15 and under 17 soccer teams played three matches during the second term.

They started the term with the Coca Cola competition against JSS.

The final scores was as follows:

Under 17: Vorentoe 1 JSS 3


The League Games followed against St. Barnabas and Riverlea Secondary.

Final scores was as follows:

Under 17: Vorentoe 2 St. Barnabas 1

Under 15: Vorentoe 3 St. Barnabas 1

Under 17: Vorentoe 1 Riverlea Secondary 2

Under 15: Vorentoe 0 Riverlea Secondary 2


c. Netball

The following netball teams won their matches:

2 March:against Die Burger

U/14 A Vorentoe 7 Burger 5

U/15 A Vorentoe 9 Burger 7

U/15 B Vorentoe 18 Burger 2

U/16 A Vorentoe 7 Burger 3

U/19 Vorentoe 12 Burger 9


14 April: against Parktown Girls

U/15 B Vorentoe 9 Parktown 7


19 April: against Randpark High

U/16 A Vorentoe 17 Parktown 3

U/16 B Vorentoe 8 Parktown 2


20 April: against Bracken High

U/15 A Vorentoe 11 Bracken 7

U/15 B Vorentoe 17 Bracken 9

U/16 A Vorentoe 9 Bracken 4

U/16 B Vorentoe 12 Bracken 9


12 May: against King David Victory Park

U/15 B Vorentoe 24 Victory Park 0


17 May: against Kings School

U/14 A Vorentoe 8 Kings School 2

U/17 Vorentoe 11 Kings School 5


d. Hockey

Our hockey teams started the term against Bracken.

The final score:

Seniors: Vorentoe 2 Bracken 2

Juniors: Vorentoe 2 Bracken 0

They had a match on 12 May against Greenside High.

The final scores:

1st Team: Vorentoe 1 Greenside 1

U/14: Vorentoe 3 Greenside 0


On 17 May Roosevelt High competed against our fist and u/14 teams.

1st Team: Vorentoe 0 Roosevelt 0

U/14: Vorentoe 3 Roosevelt 0


e. Volleyball

The volleyball started against Bophelo and then played three more matches this term. They won most of the matches.

Matches won:

Vorentoe (Boys) 2 St Barnabas 0

Vorentoe (Girls) 2 St Barnabas 1

Vorentoe (Boys) 2 Riverlea 0

Vorentoe (Girls) 2 Riverlea 0


f. Chess

The chess team had two matches this term.

Their first match was against Trinity High School.

The final score was:

Vorentoe 6 Trinity 10


Their second match was against Northcliff High School.

The final score was a tie.

Vorentoe 8 Northcliff 8

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  1. zandile says:

    Vorentoe high school need to improve on their netball …I know one of the good players Brenda Duma in grade 11, she just need an exposure. Teachers and coach, just look out for your players. I’ve seen Brenda playing and all I can say is she’s very good.

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