Soccer : Boys

13 August 2013

The results are as follows:

U/15      Vorentoe  0   Hyde Park  1

U/16      Vorentoe  4  Hyde Park   1

U/19      Vorentoe  3  Hyde Park   1

Girls     Vorentoe  14  King David  1


22 August 2013

u/15       Vorentoe   5  Torah Academy 5



On 6 March 2013 our soccer teams had a match against Willow Crescent.

Soccer Girls: Vorentoe        11        Willow Crescent       0

U/16 Boys:     Vorentoe        4          Willow Crescent       1

U/19 Boys:     Vorentoe        1          Willow Crescent       2


On Tuesday, 31 July 2012 our U/15, U/17 and U/19 soccer teams played matches against St. Barnabas.

The results are as follows:

U/15                                                            Vorentoe      5        St. Barnabas          1

U/17                                                            Vorentoe      0        St. Barnabas          2

U/19                                                            Vorentoe      1        St. Barnabas          1


The soccer trials will start on Tuesday, 6 March 2012 until 9 March 2012. The boys interested in participating in soccer must please attend.

The fixtures are as follows:

18 April  Westbury vs Vorentoe

25 April  New Nation vs Vorentoe

2 May     Corrie vs Vorentoe

9 May     Westbury vs Vorentoe

16 May    New Nation vs Vorentoe

23 May   Corrie vs Vorentoe

25 July   Westbury vs Vorentoe

1 Aug      New Nation vs Vorentoe

8 Aug      Corrie vs Vorentoe


Sport day- Die Burger (14 March 2012)

Junior Team       Vorentoe      5        Die Burger         3        (Win)

Senior Team        Vorentoe      3        Die Burger         1        (Win)


U/15 and U/17: Westbury

On Tuesday, 20 March 2012, Mr Zhira=s U/15 and Mr Dickson=s U/17 soccer teams played against Westbury Secondary.

The U/15 soccer team won the match with a final score of Vorentoe 3 – Westbury 2.


Unfortunately the U/17 soccer team lost the match.

Final score was Vorentoe 1 – Westbury 2.


New Nation Soccer Tournament:

On Wednesday, 28 March 2012 Vorentoe=s U/14 and U/15 soccer teams hosted a match against New Nation School. Our teams won both matches with final scores as follows:


U/14:           Vorentoe      7        New Nation  0

U/17:           Vorentoe      4        New Nation  0